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Oñate Feed Mill

At Oñate Feed Co., LLC, our goal is to supply you with high quality feed for cattle, pigs, horses and other animals at an affordable price. Our feed programs and nutritional supplements are specifically designed to help animals in the Southwest develop and perform to their genetic potential.

High Quality Grain Products Formulated for the Southwest

You need high quality feed to maintain high quality animals. As a small, local feed mill located in New Mexico, Oñate Feed Co., LLC understands the importance of providing livestock feed products to complement native forage of the Southwest.

We buy our grain from trusted local sources and use only the highest quality ingredients in our products. We work hard to ensure we formulate our feed with the nutrient profile you need to keep your animals in prime condition. And because we are a small, local company, we are able to closely watch and maintain that quality and nutritional value. We are also able to provide you with the niche products that are difficult to find.

Local Company, Local Products, Local Business

At Oñate Feed Co., LLC, we aren’t a remote feed mill producing run-of-the-mill products. Our size and status as a leading regional grain producer allows us to keep our quality high while producing up to 100 tons of product per day.

And when you buy locally from Oñate Feed Co., LLC, you are supporting other local businesses and your local economy through your local animal feed store dealers.

Oñate Feed Co., LLC: A Local Source, a Local Leader in Grain Milling

Since 1996, Oñate Feed Co., LLC has delivered exceptional feed and supplements to meet the regional nutritional needs of a variety of animals. Visit our network of dealers to find a feed store near you.

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Buy high quality feed products from a local feed mill. Find Oñate Feed Co., LLC products at an animal feed store near you.

Quality feed tailor-made for animals in the Southwest