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Complete Cattle Feed & Supplements from Albuquerque, NM

The Oñate Feed Co., LLC cattle feed program has been backed by 17 years of improving the beef feeder’s financial position by reducing feed costs and improving overall cattle performance. The Oñate Feed Co., LLC’s cattle feed lineup presents a very diverse range of feeding options. Since our inception, we have worked diligently to design products that fit the needs of today’s progressive rancher, feedlot operator and dairyman. Because we are a feed manufacturer in the Southwest, the Oñate cattle feed lineup addresses the specific needs of this unique area.

Cattle Feed Products

Oñate Feed Co., LLC cattle products are designed to feed from start to market, addressing the needs of producers. Product forms include loose mixes, pelleted and blocked. Oñate Feed Co., LLC is unique in the fact that it is one of the few feed mills in the Southwest to have a block machine.

Our lineup includes:

Our cattle feed products have the necessary vitamins, minerals, protein and fat content to complement the natural forage available to Southwest-raised cattle. We also offer additional vitamin and mineral supplements and salt blocks.

Cattle Feeding Guidelines

To optimize your cows’ performance, carefully follow these daily nutrient requirements:

Total Feed (lbs.) Protein (lbs.) TDN (lbs.)
Wintering weaned heifers (420-600 lbs BW) fall-winter 14 1.5 8.1
Yearling heifers (600-700 lbs BW) on pasture (15-18 months) 18 2.0 10.5
Bred yearling heifers (700-850 lbs BW) on pasture 22 2.0 12.0
Wintering bred yearling heifers (850-1000 lbs BW) 24 2.0 13.0
Wintering first calf heifers and old/thin cows (800-1000 lbs BW) 20 1.5 10
Winter mature pregnant beef cows (1100-1200 lbs BW) middle third of pregnancy 18 1.0 9.0
Last third of pregnancy 20 1.5 11.0
First calf heifer (nursing calf) 875-950 lbs BW 24-26 2.5 13.0
Mature cow (nursing calf) 1100-1200 lbs BW 24-29 2.5-3.0 12-15


If you have questions about the nutritional needs of your animals, please contact us. We have a nutritionist on-staff with more than 30 years of experience.

Give Your Cattle the Best Feed

As a local Albuquerque, NM company, Oñate Feed Co., LLC understands the nutritional needs of cattle raised in the Southwest. We also know how important balanced nutrition is to the profitability of ranches and dairy operations. That is why we produce fresh, nutritionally-balanced feeds from the highest quality ingredients.

You can find Oñate Feed Co., LLC cattle feed products at quality animal feed stores throughout the Southwest. Search our dealer network to find a store near you.

If you are interested in carrying Oñate Feed Co., LLC products in your store, please contact us.

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