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NM, AZ, CO, & TX Farm Animal Feed Services

Complementing Our Animal Feed Products

Oñate Feed Co., LLC produces animal feeds for a variety of livestock and companion animals from our plant in Albuquerque, NM. Our products are formulated to complement native forage and natural diets of animals raised in the Southwest; our animal feed products meet or exceed nutritional guidelines established by the National Research Council (NRC).

In addition to quality animal feed products, we also provide valuable services to our customers and dealer feed stores.

Fresh Delivery

While Oñate Feed Co., LLC animal feed products are available locally at our mill’s feed store, most of our products are sold through our network of dealers in New Mexico, Arizona, southern Colorado and northwest Texas.

We deliver our animal feed products, quality grains and vitamin and mineral supplement products to our dealer stores on-demand. Each animal feed bag is date coded to ensure freshness and highest potency of the nutritional contents.

Nutritional Consultation

Oñate Feed Co., LLC understands that for maximum production and cost-effective livestock operations, your animals need proper nutrition. Our animal feed products are nutritionally balanced, and we provide feeding guidelines for our poultry, gamebird, horse, cattle and pig feeds.

However, if you have questions about your animals’ unique nutritional needs or our products, please contact us. Our on-staff nutritionist has more than 30 years of experience and will consult with you about nutritional requirements.

Customer Service

Our knowledgeable and friendly office staff are always ready to assist you. Please contact us:

  • If you are a dealer animal feed store and have questions about your order or inventory
  • If you are interested in carrying Oñate Feed Co., LLC brand animal feeds in your feed store
  • If you are a ranch or dairy inquiring about direct sales and delivery

Since 1996, Oñate Feed Co., LLC has been serving the needs of the ranchers, dairymen and feedlot operators throughout the Southwest. We are committed to continuing to provide the highest quality animal feeds and best customer service.

Contact Oñate Feed Co., LLC for quality animal feeds, nutritional consultation and excellent customer service.

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