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Gamebird & Waterfowl Feed Manufactured in ABQ, NM

Game Bird Feed in the Southwestern Region

The Oñate Feed Co., LLC Gamebird Feed Lineup is designed so that the small flock owner can obtain the desired performance from gamebird and waterfowl flocks. A quality feed program is essential for any successful poultry program. Our products are formulated to assure the proper daily intake of all essential nutrients as defined by the National Research Council and university research.

Gamebird Feed Products

Our Gamebird Feed Lineup offers nutritionally balanced feeds for every stage of gamebird and waterfowl development. Choose from:

Our gamebird feed is formulated to complement native scratch for turkeys, pheasants, quail and waterfowl.

Gamebird Feeding Guidelines

To optimize your birds’ performance, carefully follow these protein requirements:

Starter Grower Breeder
Turkeys 28%(0-4 weeks) 24%(5-24 weeks) 24%
Geese 20%(0-4 weeks) 15%(5-8 weeks) 15%
Ducks 22%(0-2 weeks) 16%(3-7 weeks) 15%
Pheasants 28%(0-4 weeks) 24%(5-17 weeks) 15%
Quail 26%(0-6 weeks) 20%(6 weeks +) 24%

Protein levels that are not met by feeding Oñate Feed Co., LLC gamebird products can be met by feeding Oñate poultry layer 16% or 22%.

Give Your Gamebirds the Best Feed

Oñate Feed Co., LLC gamebird products are available at animal feed stores throughout the Southwest. Search our network of dealers to find a store in New Mexico, Arizona, southern Colorado or northwest Texas.

If you are interested in carrying Oñate Feed Co., LLC gamebird feed products in your store, please contact us.

Give your gamebirds the best nutrition to get the best growth and performance.
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