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Grains, Minerals, & Additives in Albuquerque and the Southwest

As the Southwest’s leading regional supplier of animal feed, Oñate Feed Co., LLC provides a diverse range of feeding options for a variety of livestock species, including cattle, poultry and horses. Our large selection of specially formulated grains and proteins help you provide for the regional nutritive needs of your animals.

Miscellaneous Grains

In addition to our animal feed mixes, Oñate carries high quality loose grains you may mix yourself or use to supplement your feed program. Our selection of grains includes:

Grains and Proteins Grain Mixes
·         Whole Milo ·         3-Way Sweet (Corn, Oats, Barley)
·         Rolled Milo ·         3-Way Dry
·         Whole Corn ·         4-Way Sweet (Corn, Oats, Barley, Milo)
·         Cracked Corn
·         Rolled Corn
·         Whole Barley
·         Rolled Barley
·         Whole Oats
·         Rolled Oats
·         Wheat Bran
·         Wheat Shorts
·         Cottonseed Meal
·         Soybean Meal

Minerals & Products for the Health of Your Animals

Onate Feed Co. provides products you need to help your animals maintain optimum health. Our products include:

·         Oyster Shell (50 lbs.) ·         Molasses Liquid
·         Bloat Guard Block (33 lbs.) ·         Molasses Dry
·         Fly-B-Gone Block (33 lbs.) ·         Soybean Oil
·         Calf-Manna (25 & 50 lbs.) ·         Pigeon Feed
·         Calf Milk Replacer (25 & 50 lbs.) ·         White Millet
·         Lamb Milk Replacer (25 lbs.) ·         Red Millet
·         Aureomycin 4 Gram Crumbles ·         Black Oil Sunflower Seed
·         21% Dical ·         Pigeon Grit
·         Limestone ·         Nyger Seed
·         Sodium Bicarbonate ·         Whole & Ground Flaxseed
·         DV Yeast ·         Safflower Seed
·         Linseed Meal ·         Oat Groats
·         Diatomaceous Earth ·         Canary Seed
·         Fish Meal ·         Buckwheat
·         Urea

Please contact us or ask an expert at your local feed store for help with feeding recommendations.

Optimum Health from Exceptional Feed

Oñate Feed Co., LLC provides exceptional grains and supplements to keep your animals at peak performance and health. We formulate our products to meet the nutritional needs of animals of the Southwest. Search our network of feed store dealers to find Oñate Feed Co., LLC products near you.

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