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Oñate Feed Co., LLC

Oñate Feed Co., LLC prides itself on offering nutritionally balanced feeds for a variety of animals raised in the Southwest. Pets and other specialty animals are no exception. We offer animal feed products for domestic animals, including rabbits, guinea pigs and dogs as well as other specialty species like ostrich.

Rabbit Feed

Raising rabbits can be an interesting and profitable hobby or a full-time living. Domestic rabbit is very competitive specialty meat and is finding consumer acceptance. Rabbit meat is easily digested and lower in cholesterol. In fact, it is recommended by some doctors for heart and stomach disorders. Successful operators realize that it is necessary to maximize the amount of gain if meat production is to be profitable. Nutritional deficiencies may lead to failure in growth or reproduction, ill health, poor performance and even disease.

Oñate Feed Co., LLC has two rabbit feed formulas:

The Oñate Feed Co., LLC rabbit feed program has been field-tested in rabbitries throughout our trade territory. Contact us for names of operators in your area.

Ostrich Feed

Oñate Feed Co., LLC produces one formula for ostrich—17% Grow/Maintenance feed (pelleted, sold in 50 lb. bag). This product is suitable for growing birds as young as 8 weeks old as well as for out of season breeders.

Guinea Pig Feed

Our 20% Cavy Supreme (sold in 25 lb. bag) is a complete life-cycle diet for guinea pigs. Our feed provides the nutrients needs for growth, reproduction and adult health.

Dog Feed

Oñate Feed Co., LLC offers a line of dog feed tailored to your dog’s age and nutritional needs:

  • Apetito 27% Hi-Energy (40 lb. bag)
  • Apetito 21% Adult (40 lb. bag)
  • Apetito 21% Extra (35 lb. bag)
  • Apetito 18% Basic (50 lb. bag)

To find out which formula is right for your pet or breeders, contact us or talk to your veterinarian.

The Best Feeds for all Your Animals

Oñate Feed Co., LLC is a local Albuquerque, NM company. Our experts know nutrition, and they know the Southwest. Our animal feeds are formulated to complement native forage and/or natural diets of your pets and production animals.

Our products are available through our network of Southwest dealers. Search our network to find a quality animal feed store near you.

If you are interested in carrying Oñate Feed Co., LLC products in your store, please contact us.

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