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Swine & Show Pig Feed in ABQ, NM – Available in Southwestern US States

Oñate Feed Co., LLC as designed a pig feed line that addresses the needs of the most progressive swine producer to the back yard enthusiast. Feed costs account for over 50% of the cost of raising pork. It is, therefore, imperative that swine producers choose the most cost-effective feed product line. Oñate Feed Co., LLC pig feed products use the highest quality ingredients to provide complete nutrition for optimal growth and production.

Albuquerque Pig Feed Products

The Oñate Feed Co., LLC pig feed program starts with a milk protein-based starter to 40 lbs. body weight and ends with Hog Grow/Finish to market. The latest technology involving balanced amino acids and a corn-soybean meal base has resulted in impressive weaning weights, growth rates and feed efficiencies. Our pig feeds designed for pork production include:

For those of you involved in the show arena, Oñate Feed Co., LLC’s 20% Show Hog will bring home the Blue Ribbon!

We also make 13% Potbellied Pig Feed (pelleted, sold in 50 lb. bag) designed specifically for mature potbellied pigs. (This feed is intended for potbellied pigs that have progressed through their developmental stages on our Starter and Grow/Finish feeds.)

Pig Feeding Guidelines

Oñate Feed Co., LLC’s pig products are formulated to meet or exceed National Research Council nutrition requirements and under the guidance of our on-staff nutritionist with more than 30 years of experience. With our pig feeds, you can expect benchmark performance at given weight ranges as follows:

Weight Range (lbs.) Days Total Feed (lbs.) Daily Feed Intake (lbs.) Average Daily Gain (lbs.) Feed per Pound of Gain (lbs.)
3 weeks to 40 41 60 1.46 0.66 2.22
40-75 29 82 2.83 1.21 2.34
75-120 31 133 4.29 1.45 2.96
120-220 58 379 6.53 1.72 3.79
Total 159 654

If you have questions about swine nutritional needs or expected performance, please contact us. Our experienced nutritionist will be happy to answer your questions.

Give Your Animals the Best Feed

Oñate Feed Co., LLC is a local Albuquerque, NM company that tailors our products to meet the needs of animals raised in the Southwest. Our products are formulated to contain the right balance of energy, protein, vitamin and mineral sources and are made and delivered fresh.

You can find our pig feed lineup at quality animal feed stores throughout the Southwest. Search our dealer network to find a feed store near you.

If you are interested in carrying Oñate Feed Co., LLC animal feeds in your store, please contact us.

Better pig feeds make for more cost-effective swine production. Get the best for your animals.
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