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Chicken-Poultry Feed from a Local Albuquerque, NM Manufacturer

A small poultry flock can provide an educational personal hobby, family activity or 4-H project involving live animals. A well-managed flock can also provide fresh poultry meat or eggs. A quality feed program is essential for a successful poultry program. Currently, Oñate Feed Co., LLC produces over 3,500 tons of poultry product annually, making us the leading manufacturer of poultry feed in New Mexico.

High Quality-Chicken Feed Products in Albuquerque

The Oñate Feed Co., LLC poultry feed program is formulated to assure the proper daily intake of all essential nutrients as defined by the National Research Council and published university research. Our poultry feed lineup is formulated for a full range of poultry and for different life stages:

Baby Chick Starter Products

Laying Hen Products

      • 16% Layer
        A complete balanced diet designed to be fed to laying hens (pellet or crumble)
      • 22% Layer
        A complete balanced diet for laying hens containing higher protein levels (pellet or crumble)

Maintenance Chicken Feed

Broiler-type birds, leghorn cockerels and capons should be fed a complete diet starting day 1 to slaughter containing at least 20% protein such as Oñate 22% Layer Crumble or Oñate 24% Gamebird Grower Crumble.

If you have questions about feeding guidelines or unique nutritional needs of your chickens, please contact us. Our on-staff nutritionist will be happy to assist you.

High Quality Feed for Your Chickens

Oñate Feed Co., LLC is a local Albuquerque, NM manufacturer. We understand that nutritional needs of animals raised in the Southwest, and our poultry feeds are formulated to maximize production and performance. Search our network of dealers to find a store near you.

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